Want to get your jet in the air?


How much time do you waste monitoring AirMail for “NEEDS” when most of them are irrelevant or redundant?  How often do you miss relevant NEEDS because they are lost in the chaos of all the irrelevant ones?  How much time do you waste reposting your “HAVES” over and over again on AirMail only for them to get lost in the same chaotic mess of all the other reposted HAVES?  How often do you miss out on a sale because the buyer didn’t give you the opportunity to compete with the other offers they collected elsewhere?


TransparentAir.com is here to help you!  You are able to specify exactly which requests you want to be notified about as they come in or you can search the complete directory of current requests anytime you want.  You can quickly see what competing offers have already been posted on those requests and submit your own offer with a few simple clicks.  And unlike the current way of doing business, when you send a quote out it doesn’t just go to a single person anymore… on TransparentAir.com it goes to EVERYBODY else who may be interested too!  Then when a competing offer is posted or they lower their offer price, you will be notified right away so you can make adjustments to your own offer.  The best part is, it is 100% risk-free!  So why not use TransparentAir.com to at least supplement your current sales process, right?