Reward Schedule believes the best way to encourage robust community participation is by rewarding user participation.  The more people participate, the more valuable the service is for everyone!


Your participation is very valuable to everyone in the air charter community so we believe you should be rewarded for that participation. That is why when you accept an offer through, or one of your offers is accepted, you will receive Loyalty Reward Points.  Your reward points will earn you many great prizes including gift cards, tablets, mp3 players, home appliances, and even vacations!


This is a new and unique program and it is still under development.  Eventually we will be providing a Loyalty Reward Catalog for you to choose your rewards from.  In the meantime we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Visa to provide pre-paid gift cards to our users so that they can use their Loyalty Reward Points to purchase anything they want from anywhere Visa is accepted!  Buy a new TV, some new shoes, go on a cruise, or anything you want!


Start earning today by posting all your offers and requests on!