Need help finding the best deals on air charter flights?


How much time do you spend shopping for quotes for your clients?  How much time do you spend negotiating with operators to compete with the other quotes you have collected?  How much of your time is wasted every day by annoying follow up calls from people you don’t want to hear from to see if you are still interested in their offer?  How much time do you waste reposting the same NEEDS over and over again on AirMail just for them to get lost in the chaotic mess of all the other reposted NEEDS?  After all that time and effort shopping for the best offers for your clients, how often does that client end up going with an offer from someone else? is here to help you!  Allow us to do the shopping for you, completely free of charge, so that you can spend your time focused on finding more clients or catering to your current clients.  Since it doesn’t cost you anything, why not use to at least supplement your current sales process, right?



While our site is not geared towards the retail market, you are still welcome to use it to find your own air charter options.  The website is a great tool for anybody but air charter is a complicated business and we recommend working with a qualified broker to make sure you have the best experience.  Eventually our Company Directory will incorporate ratings for each of the companies to assist you in finding a reputable broker but this feature is still under development.  If you would like our personal recommendation you can email us anytime at and we will be sure to point you in the right direction.