Fee Schedule

TransparentAir.com Fee Schedule – UPDATED 2012.12.08




TransparentAir.com’s goal is to maximize the efficiency of buying and selling private air charter services and to minimize the financial risks associated with that process.  The way we do this is by only charging fees when TransparentAir.com helps a company generate revenue.  Our competitors charge high monthly membership fees and you are responsible for paying those fees even if their service doesn’t help you generate any revenue.  We are so confident that TransparentAir.com will generate revenue for your company that we only charge fees when we accomplish that goal.


Accounts are 100% FREE!
Posting Requests is 100% FREE!
Posting Transient Offers is 100% FREE!
Posting Empty Leg Offers is 100% FREE!
Posting Regular Offers is 100% RISK-FREE!


The only thing we charge for is when one of your offers is accepted.  When one of your offers is accepted through TransparentAir.com, and the buyer pays you for the flight, we charge a small Lead Fee.  ONLY if an Offer is accepted and results in a paid contract between a buyer and a seller is the seller charged a fee.


The Operator of the Aircraft is responsible for the fee, not the user.  This fee amount is calculated as a percentage of the accepted Offer Price.  When the user is posting the offer, this fee amount is displayed on the offer form so that they can take it into consideration when determining their Offer Price.  The seller is always aware before posting the offer what the fee will be if the offer is accepted by a buyer.  If the seller ever changes their mind about their Offer, they can simply cancel it at any time without incurring any fees, even after the offer is accepted.


This relatively small fee will allow us to continue to support and create more free tools for our community to take advantage of.  It also allows us to support things like our unique Loyalty Reward Program!


If you have any questions or recommendations about how we support the website, please send them to supportme@transparentair.com.  Thank you!