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Q: Isn’t this just another air charter website?  What is so special about TransparentAir.com?

A: Those other sites allow you to post your requests, offers, and empty legs but they don’t do anything for you after that.  You post what you have or need and then wait for the phone calls, faxes, emails, text messages, and instant messages to come in.  Everybody in the industry knows how chaotic the job is on a daily basis.  With all those other sites your days are still chaotic, right?


So while those other sites aim to get your phone, fax, instant messengers, email, and text messages blowing up, TransparentAir.com aims to make them stop so you can focus on other things like finding more clients or that evermore elusive lunch break!  All of your requests and offers will be waiting for you in one single organized location when you are ready.  Deal with them all on your own time, not someone else’s.


Q: How much does it cost to post a request?

A: Posting Requests on TransparentAir.com is 100% FREE!  No matter what happens with the request you will not be charged anything for posting it.  Even better yet, not only is it free for posting your requests, if you accept an offer for that request you will actually be rewarded.  Read more about our Loyalty Reward Program here.


Q: How much does it cost to post Offers, Empty Leg Offers, or Transient Offers?

A: You will always be very clearly notified BEFORE any sort of fee is incurred.  One of our goals is to eliminate as much of the risk as possible that is involved with marketing your aircraft.  This is why we do not charge membership fees.  TransparentAir.com does not charge anything to post offers either.  Posting them is 100% risk-free!  ONLY when an offer is accepted and results in revenue for your company are there any fees.  If your offers do not result in a contract then there are no fees, for anything!

When an offer is accepted through TransparentAir.com, the operator of the aircraft will be responsible for a small lead fee after the flight is completed and the buyer has paid them for the flight.  The amount of this fee is calculated based on a percentage of the accepted offer price and will be displayed to the seller as they are filling out the offer form.  This allows the you to take the fee into consideration when determining your offer price.  Again, just to clarify, the fee is ONLY charged to the operator of the aircraft IF the offer is accepted and results in a successful contract between a buyer and a seller.